About Us

Company Profile

Medimor provides full turnkey manufacturing and NPI solutions for Medical Devices.
We offer our customers a one stop shop contract manufacturing services.

With a holistic approach we offer to our customers a one stop shop contract manufacturing services – SMT, Integration, Clean room assemblies, Parts cleaning, sanitation and Medical Cannabis device manufacturing.

Our Values

Ethic & Integrity

Ethics & Integrity

We are open and transparent in business decisions and customer relationships.


Your satisfaction is essential to us.


We respect our customers’ time, energy and resources.


We adhere to sustainable and environmentally safe methods of production.

Our Vision

A Home for Medical Companies
Supporting you in the journey to make your technology accessible for patients use.


Our Mission

To be a leader in our industry and deliver high quality solutions.
To provide professional support with exceptional customer service.
To be a company customers can rely on.
To provide employment opportunities in Israel.